SADF Tupperware Flashes

The SADF used small rubberised shields bearing unit insignia throughout the 1970s and 1980s instead of permanently attached badges. These shields had a slot in them that allowed them to be threaded onto a shoulder strap, with the tab hanging down over the shoulder: 

These were known as ‘tupper’ flashes and there are a bewildering array of them for the serious collector to find. I currently have just three examples in my collection: 

On the right is the insignia for the 31st Battalion, South West Africa Territorial Force. The triangular badge is a company badge and indicates A company for a unit and the diabolo shaped badge is for a HQ company of a unit. The unit badge was worn on the left shoulder and the company badge on the right. The badges were prevented from flapping around by a pin on the rear: 

This passed through the sleeve of the uniform and was secured with a clutch fastener on the rear. Here a couple of different examples can be seen being worn in the field: 

These badges were most commonly seen on base or on everyday duties, they do not seem to have been routinely worn in the front line where they would have allowed the enemy to gather too much intelligence about the SADF’s deployments. 

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