The posts in this blog do not stand in isolation, and most of the information in each post is sourced from across the web and more importantly reference books. I do not usually cite sources in each post, but for reference I have included the bibliography below. This list isn’t comprehensive as there are many books I have used that are not listed (Osprey books for one as there are thousands of titles), and I have only listed those books useful to the collector of British and Empire militaria but it lists some of the most useful books in my library and hopefully will be of use to others:

Aspinshaw N., The Martini Henry- For Queen and Empire, Tharston Press, 2019

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Magazine Articles

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Primary Sources

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  1. Good Evening, Are you able to contact me in regards to History of the Supply Department 1939-1946, Government of India, Delhi, 1947? I am currently writing a book about Indias P 07 bayonets and I have not been able to get hold of this book.
    Regards Michael Rose

    • Hi Mirchael. It’s on Google books I believe, but it’s not available in every part of the world due to local copyright laws. I have a PDF copy that I can try and send you, but it’s in my office which is closed by Covid19 at the moment…

    • Hi Mirchael, I tried to send it through, but the file was too big to email. The only way I can think of getting it to you is to share the file from microsoft Office and then you can access my copy and nsave your own?

  2. Hi Ed, That sounds like and idea. How does it work:). I really appreciate the effort you are going through.


  3. I’m currently working on getting a few bits of NBC kit together and have found you and Rifleman Moore very helpful.

    • I’m glad they have been useful, and Simon’s videos on Rifleman Moore are excellent- we have very similar interests in kit so we have often covered the same thing in two different ways.

      • I’ve made a small start. Posts about my Detector Paper Books and a Bulgarian Individual First Aid Kit have gone up. I’ll do some kit layout shots when I get time. Catch you later.

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