45th Canadian Overseas Battallion Postcard

In 1914, the 45th battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force set sail for Britain above the SS Lapland. It arrived in Folkestone harbour and was sent to Shorncliffe army camp where it would provide reinforcements to the Canadian corps in the field. The 45th battalion was recruited from Manitoba and today we have an example of a postcard depicting a member of this unit. The soldier here is photographed with his wife or girlfriend in a studio portrait: 

The battalion’s badge can be seen worn on his cap: 

This soldier has a particularly fine set of Insignia worn on his uniform here we can see the collar dogs for his regiment as well as the shoulder titles which read ‘45 Canada’. On his sleeve can be seen a bugle badge indicating he is a bugler, and he wears an elaborate set of cords across his shoulder presumably to hold the bugle at his hip: 

The Canadian army was to rename units at the end of the First World War with the new regiments taking on the battle honours of their forebears. The 45th Battalion (Manitoba) Canadian Expeditionary Force was to become the 26th Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery. This unit is still a part of the Canadian Army Reserve and it is still based in the territory of Manitoba. 

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