Tropical Stone Trousers

The No6 uniform is the tropical equivelant of No2 dress and is worn for ceremonial events where the white uniform is not required. It consists of a stone coloured bush jacket, worn with matching trousers:

It is the trousers from this set we are looking at today. They are a light weight pair, made in stone poly-cotton:

A sharp crease is ironed up the front of each leg. The waist of the trousers has a pair of white metal buckles on each hip for adjustments:

The fly is zipped and the trousers secure with two metal hook and eye fasteners:

Although they have belt loops, the trousers are also fitted with buttons to allow them to be worn with braces:

A slash pocket is fitted to each hip:

And a further pocket on the seat of the trousers, secured with a button and tab:

A label is sewn inside the waistband:

The full description of the No6 Uniform is as follows:

1. This dress is similar for officers and soldiers and is the dress for more formal wear and for minor parades in warm weather stations at the discretion of COs/OCs. This dress is provided by service sources as a matching stone coloured bush jacket and trousers

2. Head-dress. Normally forage cap for parades but the service dress cap or beret may be worn on appropriate occasions at the discretion of COs/OCs.

3. Jacket. Standard pattern in cloth plain weave, polyester and viscose, stone, FS pattern No 07226 B. Shirt style with 2 inch wide pleat and pointed flap; 2 patch hip pockets with pleat at back and straight flap. Shirt type collar, yoke back with 5½ inch vents; pointed shoulder straps. Two piece shirt type set in sleeve finished with a sewn on 2 inch wide cuff of double thickness material, horizontal button hole 1 inch long worked in the cuff overlap. Eye of buttonhole ½ inch the same inside and outside. Self facing left forepart only. Detachable belt hooks, detachable buttons. It is usual to wear this jacket with sleeves rolled up.

4. Collar badges. Not worn.

5. Buttons. 30 ligne.

6. Badges of rank – Gilt anodised metal for officers. Embroidered on khaki backing on both sleeves and fixed by sewing or with press studs for soldiers.

7. Shoulder titles. Metal R SIGNALS shoulder titles provided by service sources.

8. Medal ribbons. As for No 2 dress.

9. Specialist badges. Soldier. Embroidered cloth on khaki backing.

10. Shirt and tie. On suitable occasions but not on a parade, the No 2 dress shirt and tie may be worn with No 6 dress at the discretion of COs/OCs. Sleeves must not be rolled up when wearing a shirt and tie.

11. Lanyard. Blue (No 2) as provided by service sources worn on the right shoulder.

12. Trousers. To be made of same material and shade as the jacket for wear with or without braces. Straight waistband with extension; waist adjusting side straps on waistband; slanted side pockets and 2 hip pockets. One pleat on each topside and an uncut dart in each underside. The bottoms are to be unharmed.

13. Socks. Stone.

14. Footwear. Officers, brown shoes with toe caps; soldiers, boots combat high or black shoes as provided by service sources.

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