Gloucestershire Regiment Economy Cap Badge

We have looked previously at ways that production time and capacity could be increased in the manufacture of cap badges in World War One, in that case it was an Army Service Corps cap badge where the detailed cutting out of the badge was deleted in favour of a solid design. Another method of saving production time was to change those cap badges that had previously been made as a bi-metal design, i.e. brass and white metal, into a design produced entirely in brass. This saved time as only one part had to be stamped and cut out and reduced the number of manufacturing processes as there was no longer a need to solder the parts together. Finally those badges that had been made in white metal were substituted with the same design in brass

Today we are looking at a wartime economy version of the Gloucestershire Regiment badge that has substituted brass for the more normal white metal design:

The design features a Sphinx, above a tablet reading EGYPT in memory of an antecedent regiment that had served in Egypt against Napoleon. Below this are sprays of laurel leaves and a scroll with the regimental name on it.

This particular badge was produced by JR Gaunt of London:


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