Home Guard Presentation Fruit Bowl

This rather attractive metal fruit bowl turned up on the market a couple of months ago and the stall holder very kindly kept it to one side for me:

Whilst attractive, the reason I have added it to my collection is because it is engraved with a rather nice little inscription:

The 12th Battalion North Riding of Yorkshire Home Guard were based in the town of Gilling. This battalion was badged as part of the Green Howards and intriguingly I have discovered that a film exists in the Yorkshire Film Archive of the battalion being inspected; sadly this footage does not seem to have been digitised so cannot be viewed. The description says that this is taken in the grounds of the castle. I am assuming this is Gilling Castle which is a large, nearby, stately home and although a school during the Second World War would have been an ideal place for a parade.

Sadly I can find nothing out about Corporal Doughty or why he was presented with this bowl, but it does have the unique distinction of being the only item of militaria I have brought home to find my wife really likes the look of!

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