Clansman 349 Battery

Continuing my steady progress in completing the Clansman 349 radio, the next component I have added to the set is that most essential of items, the battery:

This is a rechargeable battery that slots into the base of the radio:

A large thumb screw is fitted that is tightened to secure it into place:

The radio’s manual gives more information on the battery and how to fit it to the main body of the radio:

A special charging dock was provided that could be plugged into the mains and used to recharge multiple batteries simultaneously.

The battery itself has a few stickers on it. The largest explains that it is 12 volts, uses cadmium and includes the NSN stores number:

This particular battery was manufactured in January 2001, so is a very late production example. The other label gives instructions for the recharging of the battery:

Note the two contacts on the left of the battery for passing current through to the radio itself.

This battery is the penultimate part of the 349 set and I just need the microphone/headphones set now to finish it off.

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