RAF Other Airman’s Bush Jacket

The RAF’s No6 dress is a formal tropical uniform worn for ceremonial occasions overseas in hot climes. The dress regulations explain:

This order of dress is reserved for ceremonial and other formal occasions as ordered during authorised warm weather periods

Whilst officers has staybrite buttons in this order of dress, the other airman’s version has black plastic buttons and buckle and it is an example of this other airman’s pattern we are looking at today:

The bush jacket is made of a stone coloured fabric with an open collar and short sleeves. Note the lack of shoulder straps- jackets for Warrant Officers and Officers have epaulettes for rank slides, junior ranks wear their rank sewn to the sleeves. The jacket has a pair of unpleated patch pockets on the skirt, with rounded corners to the flap and lower edge of the pocket:

The breast pockets have expansion pleats:

The buttons themselves are the standard RAF pattern, but in a hard black plastic:

A label sewn inside the uniform gives details of the jacket:

The jacket was worn with other items to complete the full set of No6 dress, as set out in the dress regulations:

Hat: No 1 SD
Jacket: No 6 SD Stone
Trousers: No 6 SD Stone
Shirt: Long sleeve stone
Tie: Black issue
Shoes: Black issue, highly polished oxfords for officers and
WOs, DMS for other ranks.
Socks: Black issue

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