Canadian No 4 Bayonet Frog

In 1942 Canada introduced a new pattern of bayonet frog specifically for use with the spike bayonet and its scabbard that had been produced for the No4 rifle. The new bayonet frog deleted the top loop that was used to steady the handle on a sword bayonet- this feature no longer being needed for the much shorter length of the spike bayonet- and reduced the width of the two loops that held the scabbard:

These loops are equal in width and fitted closely together to better suit the geometry of the spike bayonet stud:

The back of the frogs were stamped with the manufacturer’s initials although they are faint on this example:

This frog was manufactured by Zephyr Loom and Textile and the letters are just visible at the base of the frog. It is unclear how much service these shortened frogs saw during wartime, but they were used post war and the pattern was repeated for the Canadian 1951 Pattern frog introduced in the following decade.

If you would like to learn more about 1937 Pattern Webbing, its history and variants, please check out my book “Webbing at War Volume 1. 1937 Pattern Webbing” which can be found here.

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