RCAF Senior Officer’s Cap

The Royal Canadian Air Force took much of the influence for its uniform and operation from the RAF and so much of their uniform looks similar, with only slight detail differences. Today we are looking at an example of a peaked officer’s cap that at first glance looks identical to its RAF counterpart but has some unique, if very subtle, Canadian features:

The main difference between this and an RAF cap comes from the buttons to secure the chin strap which are marked RCAF:

This cap probably dates to the 1960s or 1970s, as these caps have now been dropped in favour of the side cap. The shade of blue on the cap also looks a little brighter to my eyes that the RAF versions, but I am unsure if it actually is or not.

In other respects this cap conforms to RAF practice for senior officers and has the ‘scrambled egg’ across the peak for officers of Group Captain rank:

The cap itself is typical of designs of the cold war period in having a highly raised crown at the front which falls off to the sides in a distinctive saddle shape which was very popular amongst NATO officers of the time:

The cap is not a tailor made piece, but issued from stores like any other piece of uniform, but the quality is excellent and the interior has a high quality leather sweatband:

The label is printed and stuck inside the back of the cap and has the NSN code, including the country code of 21 for Canada:

Interestingly, the cap size is still in inches rather than metric at the time this was produced.

I still need to find the cap badge and mohair band, together with a chin strap to finish this cap off, but its an interesting and unusual addition to my post war Canadian collection.

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