Sign, Traffic, Directional

Moving convoys of vehicles is fraught with difficulties. Although they all start off together in one line, it is easy for them to become separated as civilian vehicles pull out into the middle of a convoy, breakdowns occur, traffic lights hold up vehicles etc. This then makes the chance of some or part of the convoy getting lost a real possibility. One way of reducing the risk of vehicles losing their way is to put up direction arrows that the drivers can follow. These are made of white plastic, eight inches in diameter and with a black arrow on them, the contrast making the arrow easy to see in most lights. Today though we are looking at an example that has been repainted to have a white arrow on a black background:

This was presumably done to give the route setters an alternative where the background would make the white disc hard to spot. The black paint is a little crude, as can be seen on the rear where there is overspill from not just the front, but other discs that had been painted at the same time and placed on top:

The disc has multiple fixing points all around it to allow it to be set at any angle required, although the white vinyl arrow added to this disc has covered one of these holes. The NSN number is moulded into the plastic and indicates that this disc was manufactured in 1979:

These arrows were issued with special stakes that could be driven into the ground to mount them on, or a simple nail into a fence post would serve just as well.

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