HMS Warrior Postcard

Most of us are familiar with the preserved Victorian battleship HMS Warrior, moored at Portsmouth. This ship, however, never saw combat, unlike the ship’s later namesake.

HMS Warrior was a Warrior class cruiser launched in 1905, displacing 14,500 tons fully laden and measuring 505 feet from stern to stem:

The ship was armed with six 9.2 inch guns with four down either beam and one at the stern and bow:

She was powered by four triple expansion engines, powered by 19 Yarrow boilers that vented out through four central funnels:

The ship was controlled from an open bridge behind the forward gun and in front of the foremast:

HMS Warrior was one of the cruisers screening the Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland. She was one of the first ships to spot the German High Seas Fleet and opened fire, despite being out of range. She then spotted a disabled German cruiser and moved to attack but was instead attacked in turn by a German battlecruiser and four battleships. She was hit 15 eleven inch shells but was saved when the ships turned their attention to HMS Warspite. The badly damaged ship was taken in tow, but foundered a few hours later, luckily 743 of her surviving crew being taken off before this happened.

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