Indian Army Canteen Board Silver Tableware

Over the last few years I have slowly built up a collection of Indian Army Canteen Board tableware. I have managed to pull together a dinner plate, fish knife, fork and a pair of nutcrackers and these have appeared on the blog in the past. Recently however, thanks to Matt King, I have been able to acquire a large selection of IACB silver plate tableware and my collection is now rather impressive, if I do say so myself:

Before looking at these pieces individually, it is worth taking a moment to look at the different forms the IACB’s crest takes on different items. They are all clearly the same badge, but they have been adapted to best fit differently shaped pieces of tableware and different materials:

Turning now to the pieces themselves, the new items consist of a pair of elegant pepper pots:

A salt celler (I think this is missing its lid though):

A pair of mustard pots with their associated, and marked, spoons:

A pair of ice cube tongs, with an elegant birds claw design to each prong:

Asparagus tongs:

A short squat tea pot:

And a much taller, and more slender, coffee pot:

An entree dish, note also how the crest is repeated on both the lid and the base:

Finally we have a tazza, or to you and I, cake stand:

This is a truly impressive set of tableware, and I fully intend to use the odd piece (carefully) for the odd fancy occasion such as Christmas. The challenge now will be to find further pieces to add to the collection after nearly a century. I suspect that this may take many more years and a bit of luck!

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