70 Pattern Bayonet Frog

Today we come to the concluding part of our little series on South African Defence Force webbing and personal kit; the bayonet frog. The South Africans in the 1970s used a version of the FAL called the R1 with its own unique bayonet and scabbard:

Sadly I do not have the bayonet yet, I do though have the frog and that is what we are considering today. The frog is made of the same grey-green shrunken cotton webbing as the rest of the 70 pattern set:

The bottom of the frog has a hole for the bar on the scabbard to pass through to hold it in the frog. This hole is heavily reinforced with stitching all around it:

The handle of the bayonet is steadied by a top strap, that secures with a single pebbled press stud, again typical of SADF webbing:

Finally at the top of the frog, in the loop the belt passes through, there is a single male press stud, facing inwards:

This is used with the belt we looked at a few weeks ago to hold it securely onto that, without sliding back and forth.

The back of the frog is plain, but was often used as a convenient place for a soldier to write his name and number on, as here:

This then concludes our look at SADF kit for the moment, we will be returning to pieces now and then in the future, but next week we start looking at another web set, the late 1980s version of Australian M56 webbing.

One comment

  1. Numrich’s GPC here in the USA (gunpartscorp.com) used to have the correct style bayonet and scabbard for the P70 sheath for a good price. Can’t remember if they were Belgian or SADF though. You might also try SARCO.

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