Indian Army No27 Detonators Tin

Last year I covered the Indian made No36 detonators tin here. Since then I have managed to pick up a second Indian made tin, this time cylindrical rather than rectangular. This example is painted red as before, with black lettering stencilled on it:

This tin has two compartments, joined together in the middle with small connecting plates:

The two end caps unscrew to give access to the detonators within:

There is a small hole punched in between the two halves of the tin:

This is to allow a rectifier to be slotted down the centre. Each lid is stamped with the container’s designation:

The outside of the tin is extensively stencilled. Firstly we have a warning that the contents are explosive:

Above this warning are the tin’s contents, 25 detonators, and a packing date of 2011:

The rest of the label shows that these are for No27 detonators:

The No27 detonator was introduced by the British and also used by the Indian Army. It is a non-electric detonator made of aluminium with a filling of 9g of ASA and Tetryl. One side of the tin had 15 detonators and the other side 10 plus the rectifier. A cross section of the detonators shows how they work:

Like the previous example this tin came from a seller who seems to specialise in modern Indian curios and according to the listing this tin came from an arsenal in Rajastan.

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