1944 Pattern Knife, Fork and Spoon Set

Those of you who read my posts over the last few weeks may remember that I have been looking for a set of 44 pattern cutlery to go with the rest of my jungle personal kit. I have now been lucky enough to pick one up and tonight we are going to take a look at the 44 pattern knife, fork and spoon (KFS) set. The cutlery is made of aluminium, with stainless steel blades to the knife and prongs to the fork and stacks together before being secured by a pivoting metal strap on the spoon:FullSizeRendercThe strap is marked B&JS Ltd, with a /|\ mark and a date of 1945:FullSizeRenderbBroken down we can see that the spoon and knife have shallow depressions in the handles whilst the fork has two dimples on each side. These allow the three items of cutlery to fit together accurately and securely:FullSizeRenderaAgain the knife and fork are dated 1945, with the /|\ mark and the manufacturer’s full name of B & J Sippell of Sheffield:FullSizeRenderThe company was based in Sipelia Works on Lumley Street in Sheffield and as can be seen from this advertisement from 1941, they were proud to highlight they had various government contracts:UntitledThese KFS sets don’t seem to be particularly rare, but demand high prices for no obvious reason. They seem to fetch around £45 on many collector’s sites, this one was a good buy then at only £5. It goes very nicely with the waterproof cover I picked up a few weeks ago and is a nice addition to my ever growing jungle equipment set.

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