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Mid 1990s ration pack

We come a bit more up to date for today’s post with a 24 hour ration pack from 1996. Despite being relatively recent, these ration packs are becoming quite scarce and collectible now, as most were either used or disposed of when out of date.

Containing all a soldier needs for 24 hours they were issued in a cardboard box:imageNormally the cardboard box was broken up for tinder for a hexamine burner and the contents distributed in pockets and webbing.

inside the box are the main meals vacuum packed:image

¬†Biscuits, chocolate and the infamous ‘Cheese Possessed’:imageFinally there are tissues, soup mix, boiled sweets and a pack with tea bags, matches etc:image

 Whilst nearly 20 years old this pack is still in good condition and apart from emptying the cheese out I have left it alone; I will not be trying it anytime soon though!