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Trench Whistle

I’m back from training in Cyprus and posts to the blog will now start again. Today I picked up this WW1 trench whistle:

imageThe whistle is dated 1915 and was manufactured by J Hudson & Co, Birmingham. Whistles such as this are of a type called ‘The Metropolitan’ patented by J Hudson in 1884. Originally they were used by police forces to give a clear audible signal between constables on the beat. The loud sound would prove equally useful in the noise and confusion of trench warfare. Officers and sergeants would have been issued or purchased whistles like these and used them to signal men to go over the top.

Police whistles tended to have chains, so the leather thong on this one suggests its military. The thong should be longer, but the end is missing and a new hole cut further down the thong to allow it to continue seeing service.