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Ceres Postcards

As seen from an earlier blog post, I keep an eye out for anything to do with the various incarnations of HMS Ceres. One of the easiest things to find is postcards, and these examples show the variety of cards available on the subject of a single ship.

Views of the ShipimageThe most conventional postcards are the standard three-quarters view of the ship taken bow on. These seem to have been produced for just about every ship in the fleet and were collected by many in the inter-war period, apparently they were especially popular with young boys!

Souvenirs of a voyage

imageimageThese two postcards commemorate the ship’s cruise of the eastern Mediterranean in 1932, highlighting the ports the ship called at throughout the trip.imageThis postcard is an example of the ones produced for crew members when they called into major ports. It would have been sent home to show jealous relatives the exotic ports their loved ones were visiting.

Sports postcards

imageSports played a massive part in a ship’s life, being seen as a good way for men to burn off excess energy and a way of encouraging ship spirit. Unsurprisingly, teams that were successful found themselves appearing on postcards, as did their trophies.imageThis brief selection shows the variety of postcards to be collected just from one ship and if anyone has anymore images of HMS Ceres please let me know.