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Displaying the Collection

Virtually all collectors want to display their collections so they and others can enjoy them. The biggest issue that all collectors face fairly quickly is space! There is never enough room for all your collectables to be out on show so you have to pick your favourites for display. I tend to swap my collections round periodically so I get something new to look at and enjoy.

There are many different ways to display your militaria collection. Some like to take a minimalist approach with just a few choice pieces in a display case. I take the opposite approach and build a jam packed display full of items. My aim is to get an overall balanced look that shows off my pieces, is interesting to look at, and has lots of things to spot.

image image image image


Obviously i cant display all my collection, so on the opposite side of the loft I have a space full of poly boxes with some more of my uniforms in them. I must confess it doesn’t look the best and at some point the aim is to add some curtains to hide these:



Small flat objects like documents and photos can be very hard to display. One display I have simply uses a picture frame and some felt that let’s me display a few of these:


Many of these small items can be stored in the little drawers stationers sell for offices to use for paper storage. I have a set my employer was throwing out and they hold hundreds of small items like badges, buttons and documents:


Heavy Duty Repairs

I often pick up items for my collection very cheaply because they are in poor condition, if they are repairable I can often add a nice item to my collection for an amount I can afford. A case in point is this tank suit, bought cheaply as one of the long zips was broken and the base of one trouser leg was badly burnt and torn.

Commonly named a pixie suit after a popular toddlers one piece suit of the time; the tank suit is a heavy weight cotton overall designed to be used by tank crewmen. It is festooned with pockets and has two full length zips down both legs to allow easy access. It is also designed to include an integral rescue harness that will support the weight of a man if he needs to be dragged, unconscious, out of a knocked out tank.

I bought this suit about eighteen months ago, but it has been sat in a box ever since as I have tried to track down a period zip. These have proved very hard to find due to the extreme length of the zip needed. Eventually I got lucky and found a period tent zip of suitable size on eBay. A couple of evenings work with the sewing machine and the suit is wearable again, even if not quite as good as the day it was made.image

This shows that with a few basic skills it is possible to bring back an otherwise junked item to allow it to live on in your collection, and hopefully I will get a suitable re-enacting event to showcase my latest finished piece.