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Victory Show

Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend Victory Show for the first time. The Victory Show is situated in Cosby, Leicestershire and is one of the largest WW2 events in the UK. I went with high hopes and wasn’t disappointed. Spread out over several large fields and woodlands, the site is impressive in its scale, however the nice thing is that groups can dig in and make realistic trenches and emplacements. I spent the day with the East Yorkshire Regiment Living History Group, a group I have been with for a number of years. We had two trenches and a mortar pit dug out:


The main arena was used for a large set piece battle, based (apparently) on the Falaise Gap. It’s hard to understand how effective one of these battles is when you are a part of it. However even in the midst of everything it was clear this was an impressive display- how often do you get to play with a Sherman Tank:



You can just see my back in the photo above, second from left, possibly the best view of me…

As well as the displays and battle there was an impressive selection of traders ( I will post my finds later), vehicles, remote controlled and real aircraft and entertainment for the whole family. I found the Victory Show one of the best I’ve been to in a long time- I just wish I could have spent a bit longer as I didn’t get to see half of what was on offer!