Presbyterian Dog Tags

The standard issue identity tags used by the British and Commonwealth forces in World War II included a letter code to cover the different religions a soldier might have. The most common are Church of England, but the full range of codes are:

  • CE- Church of England
  • CI- Church of Ireland
  • Pres- Church of Scotland and Presbyterian
  • RC- Roman Catholic
  • Meth- Methodist
  • Bapt- Baptist
  • Cong- Congregationalist
  • J- Jewish
  • SA- Salvation Army
  • CSci- Christian Scientist
  • U- Unitarian
  • PB- Plymouth Brethren
  • Q- Quaker

Today we are looking at a very nice pair of identity tags with a privately added metal chain to replace the thin piece of string issued by the army:

The identity tags come as a pair of a round red tag and an octagonal green tag:

The tag is stamped with the name, number and the religion of ‘Pres’:

The number is from a block used by the King’s Own Scottish Borderers, so the religion of Presbyterian is far from unusual in a Scottish regiment. These tags came with the plaid piper’s brooch and piper’s badge that we covered earlier this month and presumably all the items belonged to the same man.

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