SWATF Reaction Force Glengarry

The South West Africa Territorial Force was set up in what is now Namibia as a separate army from the SADF to help defend this region from SWAPO incursions. The unit was closely aligned with the SADF, using the same nutria brown field uniforms but with its own insignia, ranks and dress uniforms. One distinctive item of headdress used by many SWATF units was a nutria brown glengarry, known as a bonnie. This was similar to the glengarries worn by Scottish troops, but without the toorie on the top:

The glengarry was a practical piece of headwear as it easily folded flat to fit in a pocket or under the soldier’s epaulettes:

The glengarry has a brown cloth sweatband around the base of the cap, with a pair of ribbons that hang down the back:

The glengarry has a metal cap badge for the SWATF rapid reaction force, which takes the form of a lion’s head:

The Reaction Force Brigade was mainly a Citizen and cross corps force, 91 Brigade had a motorised sub-brigade composing two (later three) infantry battalions, an armoured car regiment, and an artillery regiment. The Brigade also included a training battalion and a mobilisation centre. The cap is secured on the rear by a pair of screw fixings:

In this period photograph of the SWATF on parade, the men can be seen wearing glengarries:

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