Piper’s Trade Badge

Pipers in the British Army are issued with a sleeve badge to show their qualification. These come in a variety of patterns, although the basic design has been unchanged since the Great War. On khaki service dress these badges were embroidered on cloth, but the badge was also produced as a stamped brass badge and today we are looking at a Second World War example:

This example is brass that has been gilded, with a red felt backing. The badges were produced in a handed pair and could be removed for laundering purposes. The backing has a metal oval on the rear to help support it and a split pin that lets it be taken off:

Here we see Bill Millin playing the pipes during World War II, the badge can be seen being worn on his sleeve:

One comment

  1. Got to wear this one for awhile, the ‘new’ one is nowhere near as nice as the old one but I can’t seem to find a picture online.

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