British Army Operational T-Shirts

I have a bit of a soft spot for operational t-shirts. These t-shirts are privately purchased embroidered t-shirts that units purchase to commemorate a particular exercise of deployment. The designs are wide and varied and they can be printed or embroidered and although most tend to be on tan or green t-shirts and feature a small embroidered design, there are no set rules which makes the field of collecting particularly interesting- added to which they can often be picked up for only a few pounds. Today we have a selection of three more patterns, starting with a simple British Army one:

The design is an embroidered Union flag with ‘Op Telic, Iraq’ below:

The next example is another one from Operation Telic, this one for a REME unit:

Here the design is a map of Iraq being held in the grips of a pair of adjustable grips and the date from October 05 to April 06:

This t-shirt also has the wearer’s nickname ‘Lardo’ embroidered on the sleeve:

The third and final t-shirt in this selection is for 31 Division Troop Support Squadron Royal Logistics Corps:

Here the design features an embroidered chameleon:

One comment

  1. We used to have T-shirts made up for each course and deployment plus all the Sqn ones that were made up, I must have a couple of dozen different ones. I suppose I should start wearing them while I still can since I don’t know what I’m saving them for, but storing them in dresser drawers for so long seems to make them shrink 😉

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