South African Police Jumper

Previously we have covered the South African Police uniform’s trousers and bush jacket, today we turn to the woollen jumper issued to South African policemen during the 1980s. This jumper is typical of many military jumpers, made of knitted wool with cloth reinforcements, it can be seen here being worn by a policeman on riot duties in 1990:

The jumper is machine knitted, with a distinctive ribbed pattern. It is V-necked and is designed to be worn over a shirt:

The jumper has cloth epaulettes, secured by blue plastic buttons, but does not have cloth shoulder reinforcement seen on British pattern wooly-pullies:

The cloth patches are also fitted to the elbow and forearms to protect this area of wear:

A label sewn into the jumper dates it to 1989. Note also the army style NSN number:

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