An Entanglement Postcard

The Edwardian postcard maker loved a sentimental and slightly cheeky image, something with a gentle pun and if it could include a pretty girl, all the better. Today’s postcard certainly ticks those boxes and depicts a Scottish soldier with a pretty girl who has caught her dress on a bush, the caption reading ‘An Entanglement’:

Here, the term ‘entanglement’ which usually means a short military engagement with the enemy comes to mean not only the girl’s dress getting entangled, but also the girl herself who is entangled in the Scotsman’s arms! Sadly without a clear cap badge and very little of the tartan of his kilt visible, it is hard to say which, if any, regiment the artist had in mind when he painted this image. Regardless, it is likely that this was a popular postcard with the customers of the day.

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