Nylon Map Case

Today we are looking at an interesting nylon map case that is completely devoid of markings. The consensus is that this case conforms to a design introduced in 1958 by the British Army, but updated into nylon, possibly in the 1970s. Sadly I cannot confirm this and the lack of markings means that I can’t even confirm if its a British Army release or a private purchase. This case is made of green nylon and is square in shape with a shoulder strap and a set of press studs around the edges:

Undoing the press studs opens up the map case to allow access to the maps within:

The lower case has a hard Perspex sheet to protect the map and to write on with a chino graph pencil, again press studs are used to secure it and to allow access to change the map:

A set of elastic loops in the centre allow pencils to be carried:

If you have any further information on this map case, or indeed remember using them please comment below as it would be very nice to get some more concrete information on them.

One comment

  1. It may have been local manufacture, I know I’ve had similar quality things made up in the shops as a favour.
    Or more likely it was sold at the UK Canex/PX equivalent as part of the ‘junior general’ kit all young Lt’s think they need, but I’d expect some sort of manufacturer’s tags in it if it were, maybe they were torn off or cut away ?

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