SADF Nutri Brown Scrim Scarf

Scrim scarves had been developed by the British Empire in World War II and its utility was quickly recognised by the nations as being highly useful. Scrim scarves could be used as a traditional scarf, as a face veil, as a sweat rag or as a quick way to camouflage a man or piece of equipment. In the past we have looked at British and Australian scrim scarves, but the South Africans also adopted the scarves and today we are looking at an example in nutria brown:

The scarf has the traditional open weave seen on scrim scarves:

Not only does tis allow the scarf to be used as a face veil- it is easy to see through- but when used as a scarf, the holes trap little pockets of air and help keep the wearer war. The SADF scrim scarf is also distinctive because of its length. It is much longer than the scrim scarves used by other nations:

This makes it easy to wrap around the neck and tie to make a secure fit, although one wonders how effective it was at keeping this wearer warm!

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