Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders Postcards

In 1881 following the Cardwell Reforms the 79th Foot became the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders with a single battalion. In 1897 a second battalion was added, the 2nd serving exclusively overseas until World War I, the 1st serving in the United Kingdom. The regiment adopted the Royal Stuart Tartan and their pre-World War One Home Service uniforms were popular with artists. Today we are having a look at a pair of postcards the first of which depicts an officer and drummer of the regiment:

The second image is of a piper, drummer and bandsman and like the image above this is another of Harry Payne’s superlative paintings:

One comment

  1. The drummer’s regalia in the bottom photo is very similar to that still worn today and to what I wore for a lot of years, diced hose tops over comfortable socks without the seam along the bottom of the sole along with velcroed spats and fly plaid (which the drummer isn’t wearing in this painting) make it a lot easier to get dressed though and rope tensioned drums are a nuisance at best, kevlar heads for the win !! 😉
    Love seeing these paintings, the older the better, thank you.

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