SADF Short Holster

The SADF used a number of different side arms during the Border War, the most common being the Star Model B and issued holsters to its men in a variety of patterns. Today we are looking at a short holster that was produced to accompany the 1970 pattern webbing used by the SADF. It has a distinctive curve on one corner and a deep top flap:

Note the grommet at the base of the holster to drain water if needed. Not having a Star pistol, here I have placed a Browning hi-power in the holster to demonstrate:

The top flap secures with a single press stud and a pocket is fitted to the front of the holster to carry a spare magazine, with a small channel down one side for a cleaning rod:

The rear of the holster has a pair of loops to allow it to be slid onto the belt and a press stud to prevent it from sliding back and forth:

This is one of two holster variations I have in the collection (there are more still to track down) and we will look at the other pattern next month.

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