Royal Horse Artillery on way to fire Royal Salute Postcard

Watching the ceremonial events in London last year for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Queen’s funeral or perhaps later this year for the Coronation and you are very likely to have seen ceremonial gunfire from the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery. This unit wears the dress uniform of the early twentieth century and fires guns from the Great War. Although this unit was formed after World War II, the RHA had been part of British Ceremonial life for centuries before and today’s postcard shows the RHA on their way to fire a royal salute before World War I:

The troop are passing the Wellington Statue:

This statue, one of several in London, is sited by Hyde Park Corner. It was made from the bronze of melted down French cannon and was unveiled in 1888. It is still sited as in the postcard, but the pavement has been widened so it now sits slightly further back from the road:

The RHA in the postcard wear dark blue uniforms with yellow frogging and busbies:

The modern uniform is virtually identical:

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