Royal Navy Coast Watch Impression

The Royal Navy’s Coast Watch were a group of sailors who were dedicated to the defence of the coast and the naval bases and establishments along this coast. They were equipped with khaki battledress the same as the army, but their weapons, accoutrements and accessories were naval in origin- creating a unique look that can be seen in this photograph here:

This is an impression I have wanted to put together for many years, and having purchased a rating’s cap when putting together another impression last year meant I finally had the final piece to create this impression:

Our sailor wears 1937 pattern battledress with 1908 pattern webbing equipment. He wears a respirator on his chest, with a Mk II helmet hooked over. An anti-gas cape is attached over the shoulders and he wears a rating’s cap on his head. The anklets are the long naval type and the weapon is the SMLE, with a bayonet attached:

The rating’s cap was easily swapped for the steel helmet, with this attached to the hook on the respirator in the same manner as the helmet in the images above.

  1. 1937 Pattern battledress trousers
  2. Mk II helmet
  3. Rating’s cap
  4. 1937 Pattern battledress blouse
  5. RN Anklets
  6. 1908 Pattern webbing
  7. Ammunition Boots
  8. Gas Cape
  9. Respirator in haversack
  10. SMLE Rifle

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