Leather Tool Bag

Last year we looked at an example of a webbing tool bag here. This was not the only pattern of tool bag in service with the British Army in World War II and as well as leather and it is one of these examples we are looking at today. The tool bag is made of pale brown leather with a large lid and has a slight taper from the bottom to the top:

The handles are also made of leather and pass underneath the tool bag to help support the weight of a full set of tools. The bag is heavily rivetted with hose rivets at the ends:

The interior of the box is fitted with a tin liner to protect the leather work from carelessly placed tools:

A large brass buckle is fitted to secure the lid, the two handles are fitted to brass loops that give them movement to make it easier to carry the heavy bag:

The tool bag is marked with the /|\ and War Department initials to show that they were government property:

The bag is marked with the initials of the manufacturer and the date:

Sadly the date is very worn, but I believe the date is 1943. This pattern of tool bag is on display here in the manual for a Bedford truck:

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