Ersatz Rifle Sling

As well as being used to make items of strapping in 1937 pattern webbing sets, ersatz webbing was used to create rifle slings. This ersatz webbing was made by sandwiching a piece of rubber between two pieces of canvas. Although they often look in excellent condition today, the rubber has often dried out making them stiff and unusable and this sling is no exception, being far too stiff to unroll and use on a rifle:

The fittings on the end of the sling are the same as on the webbing version, being made of brass and secured with a pair of rivets:

The sling is well marked in black ink indicating that this was made by F. Ltf (Finnegans?) in 1941

These slings were made in much smaller numbers over a much shorter timespan than the webbing examples and as such seem to have had very little use and are rather scarce today.

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