SADF Corporal’s Rank Brassards

The SADF used removable brassards for rank quite extensively, being easily removed for laundering and operational security. SADF soldiers who wore brassards were issued with two of them in the same nutria brown fabric as their uniforms and rank was sewn on as required, here we see an example being worn during a firing exercise by a corporal:

It is a pair of these corporal’s brassards we are looking at again:

These rank brassards have sewn on insignia, however if we look to the rear we can see the older style of screen printed rank, showing that they have been reversed:

The sewn on style follows the British style of corporal’s stripe:

The printed versions are at a slightly more acute angle and are more Germanic in style but not as pointed as those rank badges used in the 1960s:

The rank brassard has a loop at the top, again reversed by hand, that the epaulette can pass through to hold it at the top of the shoulder:

Velcro is used to secure it around the forearm:

There are a variety of brassards to collect with both the SADF rank badges and those used by the South African’s client states and we will be coming back to this topic in a few months.

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