Women’s RN Bush Jacket

Royal Naval officers serving in hotter climes are issued with a white bush jacket for formal wear in place of the dark blue ‘monkey’ jacket seen in temperate waters. These uniforms are produced in cuts for both men and women and today we are looking at the tropical bush jacket issued to female officers:

The jacket has brass RN buttons and these button on the female side, rather than the male side:

The jacket has a matching belt that secures with a staybrite two pronged buckle:

The breast pockets each have an expansion pleat and top flaps that come to a point:

The skirt pockets are plain patch pockets, again secured by a single removable staybrite RN button but with straight cut top flaps:

Epaulettes are provided on the shoulders to allow rank slides to be worn:

Note the two embroidered holes at the base, this is to allow stiff boards to be worn, the cords running through the holes and securing underneath. A standard label is sewn into the bush jacket:

Here the uniform is displayed being worn in the RH’s dress regulations:

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