Surplus Kilo Review

Springfield Surplus are offering mystery bundles of militaria by weight. This seemed quite fun so I decided to check it out and ordered the 2kg surplus mix (no clothing) for £19.99, the 1kg mixed army surplus mix for £9.99 and the ‘surplus sprinkles’ consisting of 4 to 6 mixed badges for £2.99. With free postage, the order came to £32.97. The seller said it would be mostly British with a few bits of foreign militaria thrown in. I was curious to see what I would get!

The parcel arrived a couple of days later and the three bundles all came together, so I am treating the whole lot as a single selection. The parcel contained:

  • a large DDPM rucksack cover,
  • a ‘bag, carrying, Kipling, DPM’
  • olive green PLCE utility pouch
  • a plastic water bottle from somewhere
  • a cotton gas mask bag I am guessing is Eastern European
  • a Civil Defence arm band
  • Three cloth badges and four metal ones.

So what did I think? Totting up the individual bits, it seems reasonable value and certainly buying from eBay you would struggle to get everything for the price, although at a show you would probably get them cheaper from a rummage box. However of the items, the only bit I really need for my collection was the Kipling bag (which we look at in more detail in a few months time) so I probably wouldn’t have bought the rest unless it was really, really cheap. As it is the bag alone seems to be selling for between £30 and £40 so the rest is just a bonus and it has been a lot of fun seeing what my mystery items might be.

If you want to check it out for yourself, Surplus Kilo’s website is here.


  1. Hello. The fabric bag for the gas mask belongs to the Russian GP-5. Greetings from the Czech Republic

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