ATS Photograph

The ATS adopted a smart service dress uniform for the women who joined the service, based on a male officer’s uniform, but cut for a woman’s physique and with a skirt rather than trousers. This uniform was introduced in 1938 and was based on the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry uniform in service at the time. By 1941 a simplified version of the uniform was introduced that made minor changes such as deleting the pleats on the pockets to reflect wartime manufacturing realities. Today we are looking at a photograph of a member of the ATS wearing one of these uniforms:

The ATS woman wears a peaked cap and on this is worn the badge of the service, the letters ‘ATS’ in a laurel wreath with a crown:

The ATS found themselves being drafted to serve in support of anti-aircraft gun sites to operate machines such as directors. Although not officially allowed, most ATS adopted insignia of the units they were working with. In the case of this member of the ATS, she has added the white shoulder lanyard of the Royal Artillery and a flaming bomb badge of the same regiment to show the unit she is working with:

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