British Army Aluminium Saucepan

A wide variety of cooking utensils were purchased by the British Army for use in its cook houses. These were purchased from the same sources as commercial kitchenware and came in a wide variety of sizes and although most pans were large sized and used for cooking large batches of food for large bodies of men, there was still a need for smaller sized pans to either cook things that were not needed in such large quantities, such as sauces, or for smaller cooking jobs such as for officers’ mess catering. Today we have a small two handled aluminium pan with a lid: 

Whilst aluminium was diverted into aircraft manufacture during the war, after the end of the conflict it resumed its role as a domestic material and pots and pans began to be made in the metal once more. This is the same sort of pan as could be found in any commercial or indeed domestic setting and is marked on the bottom with the /|\ property mark and a date of 1953: 

KF4357 was the stores code and the manufacturer was A.A.Co, one of the ‘A’s standing for aluminium, but I have not been able to identify an exact manufacturer. 

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