Indian 37 Pattern Pistol Ammunition Pouch

Last month we looked at a couple of examples of the Indian made 1937 Pattern holster. One of those holsters came as a set with a matching pistol ammunition pouch and it I this, Indian made, ammunition pouch we are looking at today. Looking at it connected to its holster, it is clear they have been a pair for many decades as the colour and wear matches exactly, and the two were both manufactured by the same factory in the same year, so it is logical to assume they have been together ever since: 

Separating the two for a moment however lets us look at the pistol case in more detail. Its design is identical to that produced elsewhere in the Empire, however there is a certain crudity to manufacture that is not seen on British of Canadian examples for instance: 

The snap fastener used to secure the top flap is distinctly Indian with these concentric rings providing texture and one of several different patterns routinely seen on Indian made snaps: 

The back of the holster has the usual loops and C-hooks used to allow it to be worn above or on the belt depending on the user’s personal preference: 

This particular pouch is marked up ‘KEF’ indicating it was made by the Kossipore Equipment Factory in 1943: 

If you would like to find out more about 1937 pattern webbing, then please check out my book, Webbing at War Volume 1- 1937 Pattern Webbing which can be found here.  

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