No 4 Map Case

As well as the small three panelled officer’s map case, a larger version was also produced as part of the lightweight jungle green webbing set. This larger map case, known as the Map Case no4, was much closer in design to that issued to officers since the start of World War II, having a stiff board inside, a large top flap and a solid piece of celluloid to protect the map, but manufactured in the lighter weight green webbing: 

The front cover of the map case is secured around the edges with a series of black metal press studs: 

An adjustable strap is fitted to allow it to be carried on the shoulder: 

Undoing the press studs allows the case to be opened to access the contents and the underside of the top flap has a number of features of note: 

Firstly we have loops to allow pencils and a rectangular protractor to be fitted: 

A warning is also provided about getting insect repellent on the celluloid: 

This is because the mosquito repellent melted the celluloid, so troops had to be careful to keep the two apart. The manufacturer’s mark is printed in black on the top flap as well which dates this case to 1945: 

The map is carried under the piece of celluloid, with side flaps that pass around it and have male press studs: 

These flaps can be folded to the side, the bottom press stud being used to secure the board and celluloid: 

Undoing this allows the map carrying portion to be lifted up so that two sides of the map can be viewed without having to take the map from the case: 

This case was designed to offer better weatherproofing of the map carried within when compared to older patterns of map case and had a t-shaped plug that was slotted into the opening in the map case to offer better weather protection even when the case was opened to view the map. The design was to be a long lived one, with examples dated as late as 1968 so it was clearly a well thought of design. 


  1. They weren’t kidding about the insect repellent, it was probably the same stuff that was still being issued in the 70’s and melted the plastic handle completely off of a large camp knife in my pack when it leaked.

  2. Or in my case, dissolved the shellac and paint on the handle of our hatchets, staining our hands bright red …

    • Never quite saw the use of mosquito repellent that dissolved mosquito netting but then again I never got to write procurement contracts for kit, just the odd LPO for stuff that wasn’t in the supply system because it actually worked 😉

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