Borough of Stoke on Trent Victory Beaker

Many town councils provided the school children in their town with a souvenir cup or beaker to mark the end of the Great War in 1919 (when the Peace Treaty was signed rather than the Armistice declared). These commemorative pieces of china came in three or four main patterns, often from different manufacturers suggesting that the transfers were produced and sold to multiple potteries. Many towns added their own crest to the opposite side of the cup or beaker to show who had presented the item to the child. Today we are looking at a simple beaker given to the children of Stoke on Trent. The design on the front is one we have seen on several items before and depicts Britannia surrounded by the flags of the victorious nations:

The rear of the beaker has the badge of Stoke on Trent Corporation, the date of 1919 and the signature of the mayor:

Although many of these cups and beakers were manufactured by small anonymous potteries, this example has a fine trademark of the pottery on the base:

Produced in their tens of thousands, these commemorative pieces of china are still common today and I have built up a nice collection of them without spending more than a few pounds on any of them.

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