XG-270 Tube of Grease

A wide variety of oils and lubricants are needed for aircraft to work correctly. These range in size from great big oil drums of oil down to small tubes of grease for specialised lubricating duties. Today we are looking at a small tube of XG-270 Grease in its original cardboard box: 

The grease itself is packaged inside a metal tube: 

The grease type is XG-270, each type and grade of grease having its own code. I have not been able to find an exact match for this code yet, but the code is in a block used for synthetic aircraft greases. The stores code of 34B/196 confirms that this is an Air Ministry item: 

The same information is repeated on the tube in black ink: 

The tube itself has a black plastic screw cap, with angled edges to the cap to make it easier to unscrew even with dirty or greasy hands: 

These tubes of grease seem to be fairly common on the collector’s market, suggesting a large stock of them were withdrawn from stores and sold off as a job lot all at once as surplus. 

One comment

  1. Like most things, even grease has a shelf life, some can be measured in centuries while others solidify or go waxy after only a few years out of date.
    Given the small tube size it’s most likely for o-rings or maybe pneumatic fittings or precision works.
    We used some types for instruments that came in very tiny foil tubes and were used a drop at a time while others came in 5gal buckets or larger that we put on with a 4″ paintbrush.
    I can’t come up with the milspec for this particular type on a cursory glance but it’s very probable that it’s been respecced to something else.
    I’ll look again later, if someone else doesn’t get ahead of me 😉

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