Cunningham Division Cummerbund

HMS Raleigh has a number of different training divisions, each named after a famous naval figure and centred around one of the different accommodation blocks. Although not commissioned ships, each division has its own badge and one of the divisions that has been in use since at least the 1970s in Cunningham Division, named after former Admiral, Admiral Andrew Browne Cunningham (ABC). The badge adopted by Cunningham Division was that of the family, a unicorn’s head in a naval crown. This badge is worn on a red cummerbund:

This cummerbund would be worn as part of the Red Sea Rig, and would have been worn by the staff officers of the division. Red Sea Rig consists of black trousers, a white shirt and the cummerbund:

The badge here is embroidered in gold and multiple coloured threads and is of very fine quality:

The back of the cummerbund is secured at the rear with two strips of Velcro, together with th

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