Royal Corps of Transport Mess Dress

As well as officers being issued with mess dress, senior NCOs also frequently have a set of mess dress which although usually less ornate than that used by officers, is still a smart and impressive order of dress. The Royal Corps of Transport was formed in 1965 and adopted the colours of the old Royal Army Service Corps from which many elements of the Corps had been drawn. As such the mess dress adopted was of dark blue with white facings and today we are looking at the mess dress issued to a Sergeant in the Corps:

A small staybrite version of the Corps’ badge is worn on both sides of the white collar:

Apart from these collar dogs and the gold on white sergeant’s stripes, the jacket is very plain, but it does have shaped cuffs to the sleeves:

On the officer’s mess dress, these cuffs were in the same white as the facings. The jacket is worn over a matching white waistcoat:

The waistcoat secures up the front with four small regimental staybrite buttons:

Slit pockets are sewn into both sides of the waistcoat:

Whilst the rear is made of silk-like polyester and has an adjustment strap and buckle to ensure it is closely fitted to the body:

The jacket and waistcoat were worn over matching overall trousers made of the same midnight blue fabric:

A pair of wide white stripes are sewn down each leg seam:

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