RAMC Officer in Mess Dress Photograph

This week’s photograph is sadly quite badly damaged, but the main subject is still in good enough condition to see all the details. This photograph shows an officer of the Royal Army medical Corps in his mess dress at the turn of the twentieth century: 

The photograph is mounted on a dark card backing piece, typical of late Victorian or Edwardian photographs. The officer is a lieutenant, as can be witnessed by the two pips on his shoulders. He wears overall trousers with cherry red stripes down each leg, a low-cut waistcoat and mess dress jacket. His shirt has a high starched collar, and the uniform is worn with a bow tie: 

Looking in closer detail we can see that badge of the Royal Army Medical Corps on each collar, the use of the Victorian crown indicates the photo was taken before the adoption of the Tudor crown on the ascension of King Edward VII. Whilst it took time for uniform to be updated, this style of crown certainly suggests it was taken around 1900: 

It is sad that a photograph of what is clearly a distinguished officer has been defaced and I would like to attempt to at least remove the pencil marks from the photograph if I can to bring back some of its former glory. 

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