Witwatersrand Rifles Cap Badge

The Witwatersrand Rifles was a regiment formed in 1903 which would served throughout both World Wars. The regiment had Scottish connections from the very start and adopted a badge that could be worn on the glengarry or Kilmarnock bonnet. Following the split from the British Commonwealth, the badge was redesigned to replace the crown at the top with a star, but was otherwise unchanged: 

The badge features a central Maltese cross with a pit head gear in the centre. A pair of Lee Enfield flank this with a light infantry/rifles horn above. The badge is surrounded by floral swags and a star is at the top of the badge, replacing the crown which was previously used. The motto ‘Pro Deo et Patria’ at the bottom of the badge translates to ‘For God and Country’. 

This badge has been in use through to the present day, but sadly its days are numbered as the regiment has been renamed by the South African government and has been asked to design a new badge, a sad end to a long and illustrious military tradition. 

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