MTP PLCE Bayonet Frog

The MTP version of the PLCE webbing set was the last variation of this long serving equipment set to be added to my collection. I purchased a wearable set of webbing but one item was missing that I really felt I needed to round off the set, the bayonet frog. The Green and DPM bayonet frogs are very easily available, often for just a pound or two but the MTP version is a little scarcer. In form it is identical to the earlier patterns, but obviously made in the MTP pattern of camouflage:

The frog works in conjunction with the plastic bayonet scabbard. This scabbard has a moulded female fastex clip at the top, which clips into the male fastex clip attached to the top of the frog:

The frog is provided with two attachment points on the rear, allowing it to be worn at different heights on the belt:

Each of these flaps has a pair of T-clips to attach to the belt underneath, the flap itself being secured with Velcro and a pair of press studs to hold it securely in place so there is little damage of it working loose:

The frog has a label which indicates it was manufactured in 2014, like many items of MTP PLCE on the collector’s market, this example seems to be unissued:

Although this frog completes the belt order version of the MTP PLCE set, I still need to pick up the rear load carrying items such as rucksack, side pouches and side pouch yoke so there are still a few more items to track down!

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