SADF Field Jacket

The South African Defence Force issued a variety of different items of clothing to their troops. In the past we have looked at the basic trousers and shirt worn most frequently, however a variety of other clothing was issued to be worn depending on the conditions and today we are looking at the field jacket. Like the other items of uniform from the 1970s and 1980s, this jacket is made in nutria brown fabric and is a thigh length design: 

The jacket secures up the front with a set of large plastic buttons: 

The patch breast pockets have concealed buttons and the top flaps are pointed: 

The same design of flap is used on the skirt pockets, but in this case the pockets are sewn internally rather than externally: 

A drawstring is provided at the waist, running through a sewn channel and emerging through a pair of sewn eyelets, although the cord itself is missing on this example: 

The sleeves are reinforced at the elbows and a large tab and a pair of buttons are fitted at the cuffs to allow them to be drawn in: 

The official designation of this garment is a ‘field jacket’ and this example is dated 1977: 

These jackets definitely saw less use than the standard shirt, however they were used as an additional layer when it was colder, at dawn and dusk and during the winter. In this photograph, the soldier in the centre can be seen wearing the field jacket, making a useful contrast to the man in the shirt on the right: 

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